The 9 employees of Academic Affairs

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Employee Listings

Photo of Hallmark, James R.
Hallmark, James R.
Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Phone: 979-458-6070
Office: MCB 733
Photo of Woodall, Jill
Woodall, Jill
Chief of Staff I

Phone: 979-458-6072
Office: MCB 732
Photo of Decker, Blake
Decker, Blake
Assistant Vice Chancellor

Phone: 979-458-2458
Office: MCB 728
Photo of Gibson, Shonda
Gibson, Shonda
Associate Vice Chancellor

Phone: 979-458-7081
Office: MCB 551
Photo of Guillot, Jaime
Guillot, Jaime
Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching

Phone: 979-458-6051
Office: MCB 551
Photo of Nelson, Kathleen
Nelson, Kathleen
Executive Administrative Associate

Phone: 979-458-6051
Office: MCB 550
Photo of Pappas, Sheri A.
Pappas, Sheri A.
Coordinator, Academic Affairs Initiatives

Phone: 979-458-7401
Office: MCB 549
Photo of Poenisch, Kenneth R.
Poenisch, Kenneth R.
Associate Vice Chancellor

Phone: 979-458-6035
Office: MCB 548
Photo of Skinner, Michele L.
Skinner, Michele L.
Coordinator, Education Initiatives

Phone: 979-458-6034
Office: MCB 553