The 14 employees of Benefits Administration

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Photo of Cato, Judy
Cato, Judy
Director, Benefits Administration

Phone: 979-458-6171
Office: MCB 518
Photo of Bednorz, Andi
Bednorz, Andi
Senior Employee Benefits Representative

Phone: 979-458-6176
Office: MCB 519
Photo of Davila, Katheryn
Davila, Katheryn
Risk Analyst

Phone: 979-458-6179
Office: MCB 523
Photo of Fritsch, Laura
Fritsch, Laura
Senior Employee Benefits Representative

Phone: 979-458-6181
Office: MCB 520
Photo of Garza Alvarado, Cheri
Garza Alvarado, Cheri
Employee Benefits Rep

Phone: 979-458-6417
Office: MCB 514B
Photo of Heath, Ruth
Heath, Ruth
Financial Specialist II

Phone: 979-845-0001
Office: MCB 522A
Photo of Mazurkiewicz, Kathy
Mazurkiewicz, Kathy
Executive Assistant III

Phone: 979-458-6330
Office: MCB 527
Photo of Meriweather, Latoya
Meriweather, Latoya
Senior Employee Benefits Rep

Phone: 979-458-6183
Office: MCB 5th Floor
Photo of Meyer, Sheri L.
Meyer, Sheri L.
Associate Director

Phone: 979-458-6175
Office: MCB 528
Photo of Palacios, Jessica
Palacios, Jessica
Associate Director

Phone: 979-458-6170
Office: MCB 521
Photo of Robertson, Andrea
Robertson, Andrea
Business Coordinator II

Phone: 979-458-6182
Office: MCB 514D
Photo of Smith, Leah
Smith, Leah
Business Administrator I

Phone: 979-458-6224
Office: MCB 506
Photo of Towery, Megan
Towery, Megan
Senior Communications Specialist

Phone: 979-458-6165
Office: MCB 520
Photo of Ward, Fern
Ward, Fern
Senior Employee Benefits Representative

Phone: 979-458-6184
Office: MCB 525