The 23 employees of Budgets & Accounting

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Employee Listings

Photo of Duron, Joseph
Duron, Joseph
Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: 979-458-6110
Office: MCB 369
Photo of Thompson, Dorothy
Thompson, Dorothy
Executive Administrative Associate

Phone: 979-458-6103
Office: MCB 366
Photo of Arrington, Christopher
Arrington, Christopher
Financial Accountant II

Phone: 979-458-6100
Photo of Carter, Victoria
Carter, Victoria
Financial Analyst I

Phone: 979-458-6009
Office: MCB 346
Photo of Comstock, John
Comstock, John
Financial Specialist I

Phone: 979-458-7522
Office: MCB 347
Photo of Crowley, Tracy
Crowley, Tracy
Associate Director, Financial Reporting

Phone: 979-458-6077
Office: MCB 354
Photo of Edwards, Teresa L.
Edwards, Teresa L.

Phone: 979-458-6080
Office: MCB 356
Photo of Eisenrich, Jarrett
Eisenrich, Jarrett
Associate Director, Budgets

Phone: 979-458-6017
Office: MCB 370
Photo of Falke, Halli
Falke, Halli
Financial Analyst III P14

Phone: 979-458-6036
Office: MCB 346
Photo of Holt, Kelli
Holt, Kelli
Assistant Director, Budgets

Phone: 979-458-6113
Office: MCB 365A
Photo of Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Amanda
Financial Accountant I

Phone: 979-458-6192
Office: MCB 260
Photo of Kovar, Sharon
Kovar, Sharon
Financial Accountant IV

Phone: 979-458-7024
Office: MCB 259
Photo of Marek, Larry
Marek, Larry
Senior Academic Analyst

Phone: 979-458-6115
Office: MCB 361
Photo of Marquez, Sara
Marquez, Sara
Financial Accountant I

Phone: 979-458-6257
Office: MCB 357
Photo of Poehl, Monica L.
Poehl, Monica L.
Associate Director, Accounting

Phone: 979-458-6090
Office: MCB 352
Photo of Reynolds, Lona
Reynolds, Lona
Financial Specialist III

Phone: 979-458-6095
Office: MCB 349
Photo of Roof, Wanda A.
Roof, Wanda A.
Financial Analyst III

Phone: 979-458-6083
Office: MCB 352
Photo of Smejkal, Tori
Smejkal, Tori
Financial Accountant III

Phone: 979-458-6081
Office: MCB 358
Photo of Ussery, Cliff D.
Ussery, Cliff D.
Manager, Tax Compliance and Payroll

Phone: 979-458-6092
Office: MCB 348
Photo of Wilkinson, Audra
Wilkinson, Audra
Supervisor, Budget Operations

Phone: 979-458-6109
Office: MCB 365B
Photo of Wynn, Wade
Wynn, Wade
Management Information and Analytical Services

Photo of Yu, Jiying
Yu, Jiying
Financial Analyst III

Phone: 949-458-6100
Office: 317A
Photo of Zavodny, Edward
Zavodny, Edward
Manager, Tax Compliance and Payroll

Phone: 979-458-8601
Office: MCB 361