The 13 employees of Chancellor's Office

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Employee Listings

Photo of Sharp, John
Sharp, John

Phone: 979-458-6000
Office: MCB 710
Photo of Bjune, Stephanie
Bjune, Stephanie
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

Phone: 979-458-6004
Office: MCB 722
Photo of Hamilton, Billy
Hamilton, Billy
Deputy Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 979-458-6071
Office: MCB 709
Photo of Wytaske, Josie
Wytaske, Josie
Assistant to the Deputy Chancellor

Phone: 979-458-6421
Office: MCB 710
Photo of Davis, Edwin
Davis, Edwin
Senior Building Superintendent

Phone: 979-458-6086
Office: MCB 129
Photo of Jackson, Niky L.
Jackson, Niky L.
Development Officer IV

Phone: 979-458-6020
Office: MCB 529
Photo of Linza, Kelli
Linza, Kelli
Project Manager III

Phone: 979-458-5849
Office: MCB 726
Photo of Mallett, Kimberly
Mallett, Kimberly
Project Coordinator III

Phone: 979-458-6028
Office: MCB 529
Photo of Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, Elizabeth
Project Director

Phone: 979-862-5394
Office: MCB 241
Photo of Nelson, Kathleen
Nelson, Kathleen
Executive Administrative Associate

Phone: 979-458-6315
Office: MCB 529
Photo of Ransom, Ruby
Ransom, Ruby
Administrative Associate III

Phone: 979-458-7700
Office: MCB 2nd Floor
Photo of Smith, Anne
Smith, Anne
Senior Administrative Associate

Phone: 979-458-6000
Photo of Yousaf, Asim
Yousaf, Asim
Building Superintendent

Phone: 979-458-6000
Office: Reed House