The 9 employees of Chief Information Officer

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Photo of Stone, Mark
Stone, Mark
Chief Information Officer

Phone: 979-458-6440
Office: MCB 721
Photo of Snider, Kathy D.
Snider, Kathy D.
Executive Administrative Associate

Phone: 979-458-6450
Office: MCB 723
Photo of Almand, Matthew
Almand, Matthew
Chief Technology Officer

Phone: 979-458-6447
Office: MCB 371F
Photo of Harkey, Lydia
Harkey, Lydia
IT Accessibility Program Manager

Phone: 512-876-4452
Photo of Lenser, Leslie
Lenser, Leslie
Executive Director, Program & Project Management

Phone: 979-458-6073
Office: MCB 140
Photo of Meyer, Lorenz
Meyer, Lorenz
Web and Information Designer

Phone: 979-458-8696
Office: MCB 318A
Photo of Miller, Danny
Miller, Danny
Chief Information Security Officer

Phone: 979-458-6433
Office: MCB 304B
Photo of Rugh, Stacey
Rugh, Stacey
Associate Director, Communications/Marketing

Phone: 979-458-6303
Office: MCB 333
Photo of Schulz, Mark
Schulz, Mark
Deputy Chief Information Officer

Phone: 979-458-6434
Office: MCB 309