The 11 employees of Marketing and Communications

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Photo of Copelin, Laylan
Copelin, Laylan
Vice Chancellor, Marketing and Communications

Phone: 979-458-6425
Office: MCB 708
Photo of Adams, Shylo
Adams, Shylo
Senior Communications Specialist

Phone: 979-458-6022
Office: MCB 546
Photo of Cockrum, Chad
Cockrum, Chad
Director, Video Production

Phone: 979-845-1278
Office: MCB 544
Photo of Eaton, Tim
Eaton, Tim
Executive Director, Marketing and Communications

Phone: 979-458-6018
Office: MCB 730
Photo of Franklin, John
Franklin, John
Video Producer

Phone: 979-458-6297
Office: MCB 145
Photo of Jenkins, Amy
Jenkins, Amy
Assistant Director, Communications/Marketing

Phone: 979-458-6023
Office: MCB 705
Photo of Lea, Glenn
Lea, Glenn
Coordinator for Web Initiatives

Phone: 979-458-6424
Office: MCB 545
Photo of Martinez, Lisa
Martinez, Lisa
Director, Marketing

Phone: 979-458-6021
Office: MCB 544
Photo of Reilly, Michael
Reilly, Michael
Director, Communications

Phone: 979-458-6492
Office: MCB 735
Photo of Suydam, James
Suydam, James
Director, Media Relations

Phone: 979-458-8650
Office: MCB 728
Photo of Wright, Brian
Wright, Brian
Video Producer

Phone: 979-458-6461
Office: MCB 144