The 11 employees of RELLIS Academic Alliance

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Employee Listings

Photo of Berryhill, Crystal
Berryhill, Crystal
Senior Administrative Coordinator I

Phone: 979-317-3403
Office: RELLIS Academic Complex Building 1 106E
Photo of Chipps, Leigh
Chipps, Leigh
Executive Administrative Associate

Photo of Garza, Lindsey
Garza, Lindsey
Administrator I

Phone: 979-317-3404
Office: RELLIS 128R
Photo of Jones, Dalton
Jones, Dalton
Admissions Coordinator I

Phone: 979-317-3415
Office: RELLIS 106H
Photo of Kraatz, Karen
Kraatz, Karen
Financial Accountant III

Phone: 979-317-3405
Office: RELLIS 117L
Photo of Nelson, James
Nelson, James
Associate Vice Chancellor

Phone: 979-317-3401
Office: RELLIS 117E
Photo of Pinkerton, Carlos
Pinkerton, Carlos
Coordinator, Student Engagement

Phone: 979-317-3407
Office: RELLIS 128V
Photo of Shankle, Nancy
Shankle, Nancy
Associate Vice Chancellor

Phone: 979-317-3452
Office: RELLIS 106F
Photo of Vance, Isaiah
Vance, Isaiah
Assistant Provost

Phone: 979-317-3402
Office: RELLIS 128S
Photo of Villarreal, Allyssa
Villarreal, Allyssa
Academic Advisor II

Phone: 979-317-3408
Office: RELLIS 128T
Photo of Walker, DaNeetra
Walker, DaNeetra

Phone: 979-317-3405
Office: RELLIS 128P