The 11 employees of RELLIS Administration

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Employee Listings

Photo of Templin, Kelly
Templin, Kelly
Director, RELLIS Campus

Phone: 979-317-1002
Office: RELLIS 117D
Photo of Bright, James
Bright, James
Deputy Director, RELLIS Campus

Phone: 979-317-1006
Office: RELLIS 117C
Photo of Doyel, Amy
Doyel, Amy
Project Specialist I

Phone: 979-317-1016
Office: Rellis 117F
Photo of Hall, Brad
Hall, Brad
Associate Director, RELLIS Campus

Phone: 979-317-1047
Office: RELLIS 108
Photo of Hoover, Brad
Hoover, Brad
Chief Information Officer

Phone: 979-317-1026
Office: Rellis 117B
Photo of Krivdo, Tim P.
Krivdo, Tim P.
Manager, Facilities and Construction

Phone: 979-317-1036
Office: RELLIS 128K
Photo of Long, Brian
Long, Brian
Director, Information Technology

Phone: 979-317-1010
Office: RELLIS 122
Photo of Starnes, Richard
Starnes, Richard
Program Specialist II

Phone: 979-317-1048
Office: Rellis 121
Photo of Wallitsch, Chris
Wallitsch, Chris
Manager, Environmental Health & Safety

Phone: 979-317-1008
Office: RELLIS 112
Photo of Washington, Bruce
Washington, Bruce
Facilities Specialist III

Phone: 979-317-1041
Office: RELLIS 128L
Photo of Wytaske, Sallie
Wytaske, Sallie
Senior Administrative Associate

Phone: 979-317-1012
Office: RELLIS 117F