The 6 employees of Real Estate

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Employee Listings

Photo of Motter, Eric
Motter, Eric
Landman I

Phone: 979-458-6156
Office: MCB 262C
Photo of Russell, Connor
Russell, Connor
Real Estate Analyst

Photo of Sapp, Jenna
Sapp, Jenna
Landman I

Phone: 979-458-6219
Office: MCB 262D
Photo of Sodolak, John
Sodolak, John
Landman IV

Phone: 979-458-6350
Office: MCB 605A
Photo of Thomsen, Tina
Thomsen, Tina
Real Estate Analyst

Phone: 979-458-6153
Office: MCB 640
Photo of Williamson, Sue
Williamson, Sue
Real Estate Analyst

Phone: 979-458-6123
Office: MCB 636