The 8 employees of Research Security Office

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Employee Listings

Photo of Elrod, Albert
Elrod, Albert
Infrastructure Administrator III

Phone: 979-595-8286
Office: DLH 108A
Photo of Gamache, Kevin
Gamache, Kevin
Chief Research Security Officer

Phone: 979-862-1965
Office: DLH 126
Photo of Lewis, Sam
Lewis, Sam
Compliance Officer III

Phone: 979-458-7815
Office: DLH 121
Photo of McCoy, Paul
McCoy, Paul
Research Compliance Coordinator

Photo of Rowin, James
Rowin, James
Research Compliance Administrator

Phone: 979-845-2286
Office: DLH 143
Photo of Schroeder, Lauren
Schroeder, Lauren
Compliance Officer III

Photo of Spradlin, Randall
Spradlin, Randall
Network Engineer II

Phone: 979-234-0018
Office: SOC 120
Photo of Stanley, Shenan
Stanley, Shenan
IT Manager IV

Phone: 979-862-5377
Office: DLH 108A