The 10 employees of Risk Management

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Photo of Judah, Henry D.
Judah, Henry D.
Director, Risk Management

Phone: 979-458-6234
Office: MCB 505A
Photo of Ball, Kaye
Ball, Kaye
Senior Claims Adjuster

Photo of Coffer, Lisa
Coffer, Lisa
Senior Claims Assistant

Phone: 979-458-6238
Office: MCB 512
Photo of Garza, John
Garza, John
Manager, Worker's Compensation Insurance

Phone: 979-458-6227
Office: MCB 515
Photo of Hobma, Vera
Hobma, Vera
Claims Assistant

Office: MCB 514C
Photo of Liggions, Shermaine
Liggions, Shermaine
Risk Analyst

Phone: 979-458-6235
Office: MCB 514D
Photo of Longoria, Charles A.
Longoria, Charles A.
Assistant Director, Risk and Compliance

Phone: 979-458-6237
Office: MCB 508
Photo of Marino, Alice G.
Marino, Alice G.
Claims Adjuster

Phone: 979-458-6228
Office: MCB 516
Photo of Montoya, Esperanza
Montoya, Esperanza
Claims Assistant

Phone: 979-458-6223
Office: MCB 514C
Photo of Smith, Debbie
Smith, Debbie
Claims Adjuster

Phone: 979-458-6229
Office: MCB 508