The 8 employees of Treasury Services

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Photo of Robinson, Maria
Robinson, Maria
Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer

Phone: 979-458-6330
Office: MCB 538
Photo of Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy
Financial Analyst II

Phone: 979-458-6325
Office: MCB 533
Photo of Lander, Sherri
Lander, Sherri
Assistant to the Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer

Phone: 979-458-6324
Office: MCB 509
Photo of Hanks, Cindy
Hanks, Cindy
Associate Director, Finance

Phone: 979-458-6322
Office: MCB 540
Photo of Perry, Julie
Perry, Julie
Financial Analyst III

Phone: 979-458-6323
Office: MCB 530
Photo of Ramirez, Christine N.
Ramirez, Christine N.
Financial Analyst III

Phone: 979-458-6328
Office: MCB 539
Photo of Verghese, David
Verghese, David
Executive Director, Investments

Phone: 979-458-6321
Office: MCB 536
Photo of Welch, Elaine
Welch, Elaine
Associate Director, Financial Management Services

Phone: 979-458-6326
Office: MCB 532