The 9 employees of Vice Chancellor for Research

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Photo of Mogford, Jon
Mogford, Jon
Vice Chancellor, Research

Phone: 979-458-5598
Office: MCB 739
Photo of Pollard, Claudia
Pollard, Claudia
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

Phone: 979-458-0243
Office: MCB 734
Photo of Bell, Mark
Bell, Mark
Program Manager

Phone: 979-458-6099
Office: MCB 407
Photo of Cambone, Stephen
Cambone, Stephen
Associate Vice Chancellor

Phone: 979-458-5041
Office: MCB 106
Photo of Luo, Viola
Luo, Viola
Director of Research Support and Compliance

Phone: 979-458-6161
Office: MCB 407
Photo of Manley, Heather A.
Manley, Heather A.
Director, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Phone: 979-458-0242
Office: TIPS 2020
Photo of Smith, Stephan
Smith, Stephan
Director, Program Development

Phone: 979-458-9789
Office: MCB 104
Photo of Treat, Mary
Treat, Mary

Phone: 979-436-0682
Photo of Whitney, Bruce M.
Whitney, Bruce M.
Chief Research Compliance Officer

Phone: 979-458-6160
Office: MCB 406